Robeco PPI and i-PensionSolutions complete merger

Rotterdam/Utrecht, 2 January 2017 – Stichting Premiepensioeninstelling Robeco ("Robeco PPI") and Stichting International Pension Solutions ("i-PensionSolutions") announced today  the completion of their merger.

As a result of the merger, the existing contracts with clients of Robeco PPI (“Smart Pension”) have been legally transferred to i-PensionSolutions. This merger brings together the activities of both premium pension institutions (“PPIs”), with both parties contributing the distinctive expertise associated with their own core business to form a top-quality and unrivaled all-in-one solution for companies. Robeco will continue to provide its investment solutions to both existing and new clients of the Smart Pension solution. i-PensionSolutions offers best-in-class operational pension services.

Tom Steenkamp, Chair of former Robeco PPI: "We are pleased with the successful completion of this merger. It is a milestone for us. This merger is in the best interests of our clients who will benefit from greater scalability and synergy which will enable us to continue offering our clients top-quality, future-proof pension solutions.”

Kor Bosscher, Chair i-PensionSolutions: "Since January 1st 2016, we have been collaborating with Robeco as one of the fiduciary managers of our platform. We are happy to strengthen our partnership now that the merger with Robeco PPI has been finalized. We look forward to servicing the clients of Robeco PPI. We believe the merger with Robeco PPI is an important next step and also attests to the value of the open platform, where partners focus on their core capabilities, thus providing the best value added services to its customers. This merger also sends an important signal to the market ─ that we are successfully growing our business, which is beneficial for our customers "

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Fidelity International and i-PensionSolutions commence strategic collaboration on premium pension product

Utrecht, July 5, 2016 -
Stichting International Pension Solutions (i-PensionSolutions) has announced today that Fidelity International will be providing fiduciary advisor and investment manager services to its new premium pension product. i-PensionSolutions is an independent, not for profit foundation with a premium pension institute license. It offers a wide range of pension products and works with best in class specialists under a strict and independent governance framework.
Fidelity International is a global asset manager, investing €238.3bn around the world on behalf of clients in 24 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Fidelity is firmly established globally in pension and retirement solutions with over 40 years’ experience.

News: Robeco and i-PensionSolutions joining forces

Rotterdam/Utrecht, 30 June 2015 – Stichting Premiepensioeninstelling Robeco ("Robeco PPI") and Stichting
International Pension Solutions ("i-PensionSolutions") today announce their intention to join forces in the form of a
merger. Both parties expect it to take several months to reach a finalized merger agreement.

This merger brings together the activities of both premium pension institutions (“PPI”), with both parties contributing
the distinctive qualities of their core activities in a top-quality and unrivaled total solution for companies. Robeco
provides asset-management solutions and is responsible for its client relations. i-PensionSolutions offers best-inclass
operational services including pension and insurance administration. This is done in close cooperation with its
partner Inadmin, part of APG.

The new combination is expected to offer important new possibilities to both existing and new clients of Robeco,
including smarter pension communication and insurances. As a result of the merger, the existing agreements with
clients of Robeco PPI will be legally transferred and continue unchanged.

With 13,000 scheme members and EUR 225 million assets under management as per end 2014, Robeco PPI,
established by Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.(“Robeco”), is amongst the largest PPIs in the
Netherlands. Robeco's strategy for the coming years aims at accelerating growth. Robeco expects to be able to
expand further in the pension market in Europe and to play an active role in designing future-proof pension solutions
for social partners in the rapidly changing Dutch and cross-border European pension market.

i-PensionSolutions is the first independent truly ‘open PPI’ in the Netherlands. i-PensionSolutions offers transparent,
cost-efficient and scalable pension solutions for companies, with a focus on the interests of its members.
i-PensionSolutions aims to become a leading pension institution in the Netherlands and Europe together with its
collaborating asset managers and insurers.

Tom Steenkamp, Chair Robeco PPI: "In recent years, as a result of demand for more manageable pension liabilities
among companies, we've seen an increasing interest in DC-solutions. And this trend is only set to increase sharply
over the coming years. The collaboration with i-PensionSolutions and its partners and Robeco’s years of experience
in the field of lifecycle investing and optimal risk management will ensure greater scalability and synergy and means
we can continue to offer our clients top-quality, future-proof pension solutions."

Ronald Ketellapper, Chair i-PensionSolutions: "We expect strong growth in the DC-market, both in the Netherlands
and in Europe. We share this conviction with Robeco and see a strong strategic fit. The addition of Robeco to our
open platform will enable us to further strengthen the service we offer to participants and employers. We are looking
forward to joining forces with Robeco as asset manager."

i-PensionSolutions i.l. transfers pensions to ABN AMRO Pensioenen

Utrecht,  March 23, 2018 – Stichting International Pension Solutions i.l. ("i-PensionSolutions i.l") transfer of its pension contracts, assets and liabilities to ABN AMRO Pensioenen and terminates its activities

The market for future proof pensions and efficient and qualitatively top notch pension execution is undergoing rapid development. In this innovative, progressive and highly competitive market, the economic profit marges are small, while capital expenditure is high. This requires a high degree of operational efficiency, strong quality control and above all benefit of scale.
i-PensionSolutions i.l. is motivated to be a pension provider who is continuously striving for robustness, quality improvement and further efficiency improvements, by implementation of its vision of selecting best in class providers on all elements of the value chain..

In light of these observations i-PensionSolutions i.l. en ABN AMRO Pensioenen have decided to transfer the pension contracts, assets and liabilities from i-PensionSolutions i.l. to ABN AMRO Pensioenen . Following this, i-PensionSolutions i.l. has decided to discontinue its own activities.

For questions reqarding the execution of your pension contract, we refere to ABN AMRO Pensioenen via ofr0031 (0)20 583 11 11