Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is regarded a fundamental value. This is not viewed as a differentiator, but as a prerequisite. The general public is no longer supporting the non-justifiable cost loadings in products, which are at least partly caused by inefficiency. i-PensionSolutions rules out these inefficiencies and provides a ‘state of the art’ operational platform. To be sure of operational excellence in every aspect in our organization we outsourced most of our business processes to the “best in class” service providers.

Administration Services: APG / Inadmin

APG handles the individual pension, insurance and investment administration. Of course all processes are based on the “Straight-Through Processing” principle. Partnering asset managers and insurance companies make mandatory use of the services of the fulfilment centre to manage cash flows and administer rights. This mandatory element enables i-PensionSolutions to communicate in a coordinated fashion to pension participants jointly with the partnering insurance companies on both the accumulated pension savings and biometric insurance.

Other Service Providers:

Compliance: EY
Custodian bank: Kasbank
Legal Services: Clifford Chance
Corporate Services: Intertrust