Insurance Companies

Loyalis (Insurance Company)

Loyalis specialises in income and pension insurances. It mainly offers products and services in the field of disability, mortality and pensions schemes. Loyalis also organizes programs to stay fit and stimulates a healthy working environment. Loyalis looks after their clients’ interests rather than on maximising  profits. The products and services of Loyalis are designed for collective pension schemes and other collective agreements. Loyalis is part of APG.


elipsLife is a life insurance company that focuses on the corporate customer business (B2B). We offer all the insurance products that cover the financial consequences of sickness and accidents. The focus falls on employee benefits insurance and private pension cover for death and disability. We concentrate on the European market and are the only provider operating as a one-stop shop for all risk products.

Insurance Companies

The open character of the platform gives our partner Insurance Companies the opportunity to participate in one or more PPI initiatives. Insurance Companies and Corporates can select a range of insurance solutions. i-PensionSolutions will not directly offer any insurance products. A seperate contract with one of our partner insurance companies needs to be established in case biometric insurance is required.