The Story


A few years ago, when we started thinking about the future of pensions, we imagined a  pension scheme that offers individual freedom for the participants, and at the same time is  built upon trusted and collective services. A modern scheme with transparent  communication to the members. The ability to choose from the best asset managers in the  field of business, combined with a very efficient administration and supplemented with  necessary insurance covers. A scheme that is easy to understand for both corporate  sponsors as well as the members in the scheme.

We quickly realised that such a concept was not available in the market. That’s why we  created the first truly open pension institute, enabling employers to really choose the best  managers and insurance products for their members. At i-PensionSolutions we truly believe  in the concept of

individual freedom and collective trust


synergy of combining best in class specialists

We offer a range of simple and easy to explain pension schemes for employer and participants. By taking the complexity out of pensions, combining best in class specialists, modern operations and communications, having an  independent governance, we believe we can empower corporates and participants for their pension.

Why choose i-PensionSolutions?

At i-PensionSolutions we offer unique benefits to participants and corporates. Amongst others:

  • a broad range of investment strategies and insurance covers offered by best in class companies in their  business, tailored to the requirements of the corporate and employee
  • long term commitment
  • independent oversight and governance
  • clear and insightful communication via online web portals including a help desk available to  address specific pension, insurance and asset related questions
  • planning tools to assist participants in their individual choices
  • Customer Journey and duty of care for participants and corporates
  • linkage of salary administration with our state of the art pension administration  system
  • a fully integrated pension, asset and insurance administration infrastructure, with STP onboarding
  • not for profit entity, clear and transparent fee structure
  • assistance at retirement date

The timeline of i-PensionSolutions